Consultation – Mediation – Litigation

Handlin & Hefferan are long-time problem solvers who understand when clients need legal assistance. Their first concern is resolving the problem efficiently while keeping in mind what’s best for the client.

The attorney’s have years of experience handling a broad range of cases and legal issues. After thirty-four years of practice and thousands of cases, they know the legal business. They know what to expect, what course to follow and how to prioritize the evidence. In addition to litigation, the firm devotes significant time to counseling clients regarding their day-to-day concerns and how to minimize their legal risks.

Time after time, at the beginning of a legal problem, it is common to significantly minimize or completely avoid the problem altogether. That’s why it is strongly recommended you consult with an attorney at your earliest convenience. It is one of Handlin & Hefferan’s objectives to provide their clients with that type of preventative guidance.

If you want to know your options, from drafting a letter, mediating a settlement or preparing for trail, please contact Handlin & Hefferan by email, fax, mail or phone. If information is all you want, feel free to use hh-attorney.com as a legal resource and to enlighten your legal understanding!

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